Archive - Sep 5, 2013


A disappointment

I played and sang at the Fertile Hilton yesterday. I went in an hour early to visit Aunt Olla. She was in good form, although a pinched nerve is making it painful for her to stand and walk. I rolled her outside a while and we visited in the gazebo.

However, she had expected the entire family to show up to play and sing and it instead it was just me. I thought she might get over that, but it stuck. She kept mentioning it. "So the others aren't coming?" Over and over. I was in a bit of hot water. I was eager to start the program so she would forget. 

Aunt Olla listened politely to my hour of music. We then went to the dining room for coffee her friend Virginia before I pushed her back to her room. It took us a long time to get down the hall, and I think she forgot that I was the one pushing her chair.

"How did it go?" asked one of the staff back on Olla's wing.

"Well!" she huffed. "The music was a complete disappointment!"