Archive - 2014

January 6th

Mrs. Casey Wants to Know

Just got off the phone with Aunt Olla. Her room at the Hilton is a little cool in the -30º weather, so she was sitting in the hallway. She was as sharp as I have heard her in at least six months. Amazing. 

She accused me of calling to gloat, which I admitted to. She told several stories I hadn't heard before, including one about the time she and her husband Doc were in Estes Park and couldn't find a room. Doc was a talker, so pretty soon he had convinced a man to let them stay in his house. They became friends. 

At the hotel where they had tried to stay there was an opera company. They all gathered in the big room by the fire and sang.

Olla recalled playing whist on the dark winter evenings. I asked her if my Grandpa played whist, too.

"Oh, heavens no!" she said. "He thought it was some sort of sin!" 

So Grandpa bought the game "Mrs. Casey wants to Know," which Olive loved.

"Whatever happened to that game?" she asked. 

"It seems when they have something good, they get rid of it."

I looked it up on the internet and sure enough, there are games available. Olla wants me to order one. 


January 4th


People are taking seriously the damage done by fundamentalist religion...



Glass artist Dale Chihuly created an exhibition of works amongst the plants at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Scottsdale.

red glass.jpg

Lance is here for a week, so he and I went up to see Cousin Tina yesterday. She lives only blocks from the Desert Botanical Gardens. 


This looks like something to try on the swamp in front of my house! In fact, it looks like the swamp in front of my house. 

It was good to see the gardens overwhelmed with visitors. We ate a delicious lunch at Gertrude's cafe there. All highly recommended. 

January 3rd

Long Walk Background

Here is a fascinating article by the screenwriter for the Mandela movie into the problems they confronted, and I believe resolved in spectacular fashion. It is particularly interesting that Mandela's family has endorsed the film, including his former wife Winnie, who doesn't exactly come out looking angelic. 

January 1st

The Thing


Was riding on the bike path yesterday. It was full of people walking, biking, having fun. Up ahead on my right, I saw a teenage couple idly throwing pebbles. I swerved to the left to go around them, and whizzed right under this tree. As I passed, I heard a sensous voice say, "I love you!" only a few feet from my left ear. I wheeled around and saw this! It was all a prank, and a fun one. I told the kids to never grow up.