It is time to dig the trees out of the ground and put them in storage for the winter. Here Dad dumps some Norway Poplar forcibly to the ground in the hopes that the dirt will shake loose from their roots. We undercut the trees first (see last week's entry) but even so, in some patches of ground the dirt is stubborn about falling off the roots.

Joe shakes the dirt off a Norway. Earlier in the day we dug maples and buckeye. We still have a long ways to go--it is imperative that digging be finished by the time the ground freezes, as you might imagine. But it can be tiring work.

The soil is a different texture each fall. This fall is pretty good in most areas except for this low spot. But some years we have to hit the dirt off the roots every darn tree by pounding the root against the toe of our boot. That gets to be a bit much--and can make for sore toes.