Gravestone shopping

I am picking up Aunt Olla in a little bit to go shopping. Our first stop is the funeral home to pick out a stone. She wants to get that all taken care of before the county starts assisting her with the nursing home costs--and she will only be allowed $75 per month.

We are also going to Fargo to pick up a new walker, and get a stereo system compact enough for her to have in the nursing home.

We'll top it off with dinner at Red Lobster. Olla has always wanted to go there, and this is the day. That means we will miss our usual dinner place, Juano's on Broadway, which has the best Mexican food in Fargo, but such is life. We'll have to take another trip.

It is a beautiful day for such a trip.

The fun of living in the nursing home hasn't worn off yet--Olla is still as enthused about the place and the people as she was the first day she moved in. Her dinner-table mate recovered from her stroke well enough to go home--which was too bad for Olla, but they have talked on the phone at length since. Olla is always good at making new friends.