Ice storm

Photographer and friend Bruce called this morning--just to tell me to get out of the house and take some photos of stuff covered with ice. It was a good idea. In this miserable storm, which makes the simplest attempts to walk miserable, it was good to get out and see how the ice on everything changes the visual effects.

This is the newly planted grass in front of the house.

This asparagus plant looks bejeweled with crystal beads.

The American cranberry fruit have kept their color despite the many freezes and thaws in the past month.

In the foreground is a "Scarlet Curls" willow. It is a willow selected for its tormented branching habit and orange branch color. It is planted near the pond in the gardens.

The ice-encased branches of plain old swamp willow were bending in the strong wind, which caused the ice to crack.

Today wouldn't be the day to sit on the seat of the old Farmall A McCormack.

Nor would it be the day to get into the 1962 Ford truck.

But one could still admire the old hood ornament and enjoy the patterns on the truck box, made more vivid by the ice which covers every surface.

This photo, which looks best in a larger format, sort of expresses what a day like today feels like. It is of a willow behind the peat piles taken through the windshield.