Power outage

When the power went out tonight and stayed out for two hours, it was difficult to know what to do. I lit up some candles and read in the crow's nest. Lance, stranded here due to the storm and unable to get to classes, decided to get creative with the camera and a flashlight.

Apparently the power outages are widespread. No surprise, given the amount of ice on the wires. I went out to check on the stove after the power came on and was greeted by six inches of snow. General ugliness.

Last night everything was glazed in ice. Even the gravel was hazardous.

I let the wood stove burn down too low. To get it going again, I piled in a bunch of logs--which were glazed with ice. That ice melted and put the stove out, a fact I discovered about midnight.

So, I skated and stumbled out to the stove with matches and cardboard (no old newspapers in the house thanks to the internet) and tried to get the thing started several times before finally succeeding about 12: 45 a.m. The key ingredient was some paperback books I was going to throw anyway--they really made the fire take off.

With the wind and the ice, it was difficult to stand. In fact, at one time I was convinced I wouldn't be able to climb the hill. Finally, I took a piece of cardboard and used it as a sail. That helped me up the slope. I am sure I looked like Charlie Chaplin out there.