Trip to Alex

Traveled to Alexandria yesterday. Last night, I performed for a bank Christmas party. It was a fun, good-spirited bunch. They obviously felt very comfortable with their boss and their fellow employees. That is something you can tell right away when you enter a room.

On the way down, I took a picture of my favorite lone cottonwood in the world, on MN 108 north of Rothsay. The tree was on the cover of my second book, but it looked elegant once again yesterday. All of the branches were covered in ice, but I gave up on trying to catch that effect with the camera--it just doesn't come across.

To my notion, the area between Rollag and Fergus Falls is the prettiest country on earth. I have never seen any scenery I like more. Of course, I would rather the hills were green with spring wheat, but we'll take what we can get.

Between here and Fergus Falls, I think there are about a half-dozen old townhalls, some renovated nicely, and at least two old schoolhouses, including this one south of Rollag.