Twins trade

It isn't a big deal, but the Twins added a good second baseman, Luis Castillo, via a trade with the Florida Marlins. In return, they gave up a couple of hard-throwing pitching prospects. Castillo, 30, is expected to finally fill the gap at second base for the Twins after a season during which they tried six others in the spot.

The only problem is that the Twins have historically failed miserably when trading for second basemen. Last summer, they traded for Bret Boone. He was gone in two weeks. Tom Herr? A big bust that cost the Twins Tom Brunansky. Wally Backman. Larry Milbourne. Every time the Twins go out and get a good second baseman, he fails.

I remember an article about the California Angels which claimed that they were jinxed at third base. They had something like 58 different third basemen in 10 years. Bad things happened to whoever they tried at third base. The Twins might have the same thing going at second base. We'll see what happens to Castillo.

I can be rational, but then there's baseball. My superstitions include but are not limited to:

--a firm belief that if I turn on the game and the opposing team is batting, I must turn it off right away or the opponents will score runs until I finally do switch the game off. This has happened dozens of times--it is okay if the Twins are batting when I tune in, but if the opponents are up when I click the on button, I have to shut it off right away or I will cost the Twins the game.

--if the game really matters and it is going well, I have to stay just where I started watching/listening to the game until the last out. This has worked countless times, including the time my motionless state won the final game of the World Series for the Twins in 1991.

--if I really want something good to happen, I need to turn off the game when the Twins have the bases full. The resulting grand slam is well worth missing when I know it wouldn't have happened had I still been watching.