A few days ago while sitting in the crow's nest, I noticed a large weasel-like animal bouncing around the swamp. It came right up near the house. I got a good look at it with the binoculars. Turns out it is a fisher. Neighbor Gary has trapped several, so I learned from him that they are in the area.

Fishers don't fish. They specialize in eating the belly out of porcupines. They are nasty and clever, like wolverines. Despite being about twenty pounds maximum, they can take down a deer.

Although the wildlife is somewhat less evident in the winter, I do have a piliated woodpecker living in a hole in a tree about eye-level out my window when I am sitting in the crow's nest. Three little finches have been plundering the thistle seed in my feeder. And two deer ambled past the front window about noon.