Lake Park Lutheran

Tonight I performed at the Christmas party at Lake Park Lutheran Church. My Uncle Bob was pastor there for 17 years before passed away from cancer eight years ago. He was much-loved, both by his family and his congregation, so I wasn't surprised to see a good crowd--which included many faces familiar to me from that time.

Given Bob's popularity, I could have probably read out of the phone book for 40 minutes and nobody would have noticed. As it was, I told some stories about Bob--about the times I brought Grandpa and Grandma down to Lake Park to hear him preach.

Long story: Grandpa was born Lutheran but converted to the Baptist faith. He and Grandma raised Bob Baptist--mostly--but after after attending evangelical schools and preaching at Baptist churches, Bob converted to Lutheranism before his call to Lake Park.

Grandpa was circumspect about Bob's Lutheranism--it clear that Bob's temperament and theological views belonged in the Lutheran Church. But one thing Grandpa never got over was his firm opposition to the Lutheran practice of baptizing infants.

So, I bring Grandpa and Grandma to Lake Park Lutheran for a Sunday service unaware that their son Bob was slated to baptize no fewer than three infants that morning. I should have called ahead. I wondered how that was going to go over. Sure enough, Grandpa had to leave during the baptisms because he "wasn't feeling well." I knew enough to follow him. Found him on the floor of the parsonage looking green. "Get the nitro," he said.

One nitro pill under the tongue did the trick. It was a good thing he kept a bottle in the glove compartment. You never know when you're going to run across a baptism or something.

Anyway, it was nice to see the bunch at Lake Park Lutheran. The Pricilla Circle provided five different macaroni salads in the basement afterwards, plus Christmas cookies. And coffee, which they claimed was decaf, but I am feeling awfully awake right now.