Winter meetings

That's where trades happen in baseball--when the general managers get together at some hotel in a warm climate and talk shop. It is called the Hot Stove League, the winter meetings, as well as the tradition of baseball fans sitting around the hot stove at the general store in the winter discussing what their team should do to improve itself.

Thirty years ago, I would run over to Grandma and Grandpa's place after school and tear into the sports section of the Fargo Forum hoping for a smidgen of Twins news during the winter meetings. I was almost always disappointed. Now, however, you can watch online and waste endless hours waiting for a trade to happen.

The Twins are hoping to pick up some big bats. They sure need them. Trouble is, they'll have to give up some of their excellent pitching to get the bats. Or, they could sign free agents such as Mike Piazza or Frank Thomas--big bats who can no longer play in the field, and who may well be washed up.

No action for the Twins yet, and the meetings ended today. There were many trades, but none involved the Twins. I am not disappointed. Many of the trades seemed quite stupid. Some of the free agent signings were just plain crazy. Mediocre pitchers getting $55 million. Nuts. Probably just best for the Twins to ride it out.