Christmas lights

I have never so much as put up a single Christmas decoration in a house of mine in my life--until today. A couple of days ago, I saw some nice lights at Target for only $5.99 for 25 feet. I bought four strands. They are larger, frosted bulbs, very pretty.

Brought them home. Started putting them up. The end of the strand of lights dropped down onto the stairway. One bulb burst sending glass all over. I put in a new bulb, stolen from one of the other strings. The whole strand, which I stapled in place on the wood railing of the loft, still refuses to light.

There went the oomph for that project. I did hang some of those glass ornaments in a constellation over the piano using strands of fishline.

I am trying to get the house in shape for the Bergeson Nursery employee party which will be held here on Wednesday evening. So far, the attempts to decorate have been a washout. I think I will settle for a bunch of candles to make the occasion adequately festive.