Chickadees and nuthatches

For the first three weeks I have been feeding the birds, my only customers were the goldfinches. They are cute little things with a preference for thistle seed.

This morning, I heard banging on the window. The finches never hit the window, so I assumed something new had arrived. Turns out both chickadees and nuthatches found the sunflower seeds this morning--and the nuthatches aren't real bright about the window thing.

The nuthatches also seem dedicated to the proposition that if another nuthatch gets a seed, that is a seed that I won't get. So the first task when a nuthatch arrives is to drive off the other nuthatch.

In one case, the other nuthatch flew off to a distant branch, only to have the other follow it and drive it away from the branch, as if there were no other branches.

Perhaps they are a mating couple and are going through the bickering ritual, who knows.

The nice thing about the chickadees is that I can hear them through the window.

I think I am going to look into an external microphone and internal speaker so I can hear what is going on out there.