Dazed chickadee

Now that the chickadees and the nuthatches have discovered the bird feeder, there is a thump against the window about once per hour during the daylight. Some thumps are not direct hits, but others seem pretty violent. The finches didn't hit the window, but they haven't been around this morning. Apparently, the chickadees and nuthatches drove them off.

So, when I saw a chickadee sitting motionless in the snowbank, it took me a little while to realize that it was recovering from an encounter with the window. After about five minutes, I detected some movement, so the poor thing is alive. I wonder if it will learn.

I WALKED across the pond a couple of days ago from the house to the nursery. The direct route on the ice is about half the distance of taking the road.

On the way back, I took the same path--only to find that my boot tracks were filled with water. So, the ice mustn't be all that solid. I have been using the skid steer on the other end of the pond to haul firewood. Dad suspects there is a spring on the one end of the pond which keeps the ice weak. He's not very excited about my using the skid steer on the ice. So far, so good, however. There is some awfully nice firewood out there.

ALTHOUGH THE WEATHER is warm today--possibly above freezing--I still have some pangs to travel. One can play with the Northwest Airlines World Perks website all evening, teasing out the possibilities using one's World Perks miles, which for some reason I suddenly have in abundance. In fact, some of them are about to expire--the perfect excuse to take a trip of some sort.