Thai Orchid

While in Fargo finishing Christmas shopping (doing the whole works at once is closer to the truth), Lance and I went to the Thai Orchid, a new restaurant on First Avenue North in Moorhead.

The restaurant is in an old Hardee's which has been redone in a very tasteful way. Comfortable booths. Good lighting. Plenty of space, yet cozy.

And the food was tops. Thai food is so different from the Chinese food we get in this area. Thai is light, fresh, colorful, sensual. Its flavors are bold. Lots of peanut sauces. Succulent seafood. Crunchy noodles. Fresh spring rolls with cucumber and cilantro.

If you find yourself bored by the heavy greasiness of local Chinese buffets, Thai food will be a fresh form of Asian cusine.

If you don't like things hot, however, order it mild. Unlike some of the Asian restaurants in the area, the Thai Orchid hasn't toned down the heat to placate the lutefisk and lefse bunch.