Holiday confusion

What day is it? One has to ask more often around holiday time, as the usual routine is disrupted. Today is Monday, but it seems like a...well, I am not sure. The same will happen next weekend with the New Year holiday.

My gift to Aunt Olla didn't work. She called this morning to say that "this phone has to go!" I knew from her tone of voice that she had been stewing a bit over it, gathering up the courage to call. I assured her that I would bring her old one back today, and she was relieved at that.

I suspect the volume on the new phone was turned down. Her stepson called yesterday to wish her a Merry Christmas and she couldn't hear him.

The idea was that with a remote phone she wouldn't have to get up to answer the one which is attached to a cord. However, these remote phones can be a bit difficult to get used to--especially when they don't have a mouthpiece near the mouth and you have to get used to the notion that people can hear you through a microphone which is at the side of your cheek.

Oh well, it was worth a try. I will keep looking for a remote phone which will do the trick. I think somebody should cook up a remote phone with a big old receiver just like the old type, but without the cord. That would make the transition easier.

Another invention I am waiting for: A wall mount screen similar to a nice computer monitor which one could program to show one's pictures in a perpetual slide show. I know Bill Gates has them all over his mansion so he can customize the art on the walls to the tastes of his guests, but such a gizmo isn't on the market yet.

What I find is that I enjoy looking at my pictures on the screen of a computer but am inevitably disappointed when I develop them. In fact, I have developed just a few dozen of the several thousand pictures I have taken since I went to digital photos. They look better on a screen, but they are difficult to share with others in the room in that format.

With Christmas in the past, I am going to hit the road Wednesday morning, destination Arizona. Lance is going to help me drive out, and then he will fly back. I don't know how long I am going to be gone, nor do I know what shape the trip will take. I suspect I will get homesick sooner with a nice house to come back to. So, I am not making any long-term plans to stay anywhere.

Ideally, I would find a nice place to hole up near a Barnes and Noble so I could work on some writing projects. I find I am better able to concentrate when I am in Arizona, away from the distractions and habits of home. If I get on a roll, I might stay somewhere for a while. If I don't, I will travel around, see the sights, and take some pictures. After scrounging around here for things which are worth photographing, I look forward to new vistas.

The seasonal rhythms of the nursery business are a bit extreme. I remember in May thinking how nice it would be just to have an hour to myself. During that busy time, I think nostalgically of the winter when things are slow, when there is so little to fuss about on a daily basis.

Now, winter is here and I find myself short of stimulation. Solitude and quiet are fine, but I think they are best interspersed with activity so one doesn't get stale.

Now that Christmas is over, does that mean the Christmas music ends? I don't mind hearing carols done the old fashioned way with straight rhythms and big choirs, but when pop stars massacre "Away in the Manger" complete with drums and jazzy synchopations, my gag reflex kicks in.