Lotto winner

I've never won anything in my life--until tonight. When I walked in the door for a visit at their Grandma and Grandpa's, cousins Cynthia and Cora had their desk set up and were selling lottery tickets. My number was 814423. Lo and behold, for the price of two 50 cent tickets, I won the $9.47, half the overall pot. Here are lotto officials Cynthia and Cora congratulating me on my winnings.

The next venture? Bingo. This was a non-profit affair, but even so, Cynthia was still in charge. I won a single prize--an airline-size bottle of Crown Royal whiskey (from the adult box).

Meanwhile, two-year old Teddy got bored with Bingo and decided to go swim in Grandma and Grandpa's oversized whirlpool tub. What a little fish! He was diving and swimming without plugging his nose--something I didn't do until I was a sophomore in high school.