After a leisurely drive across the wastes of western Nebraska, Lance and I pulled into Denver late this afternoon. Called cousin Chad, who met us at a restaurant with his delightful family, girlfriend Kathy and daughter Madison.

The stories of how people meet are usually completely boring. Not so with Chad and Kathy. Chad is a fan of a band called "The String Cheese Incident." He's such a fan that he has seen the band in concert no fewer than 161 times. At a concert outside of Portland, OR, Chad noticed that the girl next to him was entering the name of the first song of the evening in a log book, which is apparently typical String Cheese Incident fan behavior. Upon inquiry, Chad discovered it was Kathy's fiftieth concert.

With The String Cheese Incident in common, the two are now, several months later, the doting and happy parents of little Madison, who was born at home on a couch which Chad later advertised as "slightly used." A beautiful baby, with refreshing, intelligent, and utterly devoted parents--a wonderful thing to see.