Skies of Santa Fe

Pulled into the hotel parking lot just in time to see the sunset in Santa Fe. I stepped out of the pickup and took one shot east, one shot north and one shot west before heading inside to check in. Above is the shot north, with a typical Santa Fe fence.

The sunsets of Santa Fe are legendary. Their colors are almost impossibly vivid. Artists who attempt to capture them on canvas turn out pictures with colors so lurid as to seem unlikely to people who have never seen a Santa Fe sunset. About sunset last night, the whole city turned a sort of pink, a rare light I have seen at home only after a thunderstorm has passed and the sun hits it while being blocked from direct view.

Here is the hotel. The luminaries, not yet lit, are on the wall. Lance and I took a shuttle downtown. Santa Fe has a typical Mexican plaza in the center of the city, which was still lit with Christmas lights. The adobe and pine beam architecture gives the downtown an enchanted air.

The air is very, very dry here. Crinkles inside the nose. And the effects of the high elevation are a bit much for Lance--achy joints, nausea, flu-like symptoms without the fever. I guess it takes about a day or two to get over the high elevation. By then, we'll be lower.

Tonight, Flagstaff, where we'll steadfastly ignore the stupidest holiday celebration of the year.