Long, desolate trip

This little town on the border of Arizona and New Mexico was typical of today's scenery. Adobe houses. Sparse population. Sage brush. Red soil.

The sky got more dramatic as the day progressed. I didn't realize until we got into the hotel that we were seeing the front of an enormous storm system which is passing over us tonight.

Tumbleweed is prevalent. In the brisk winds of the past two days, which have at times threatened to blow us off the road, we have been dodging plenty of bouncing tumbleweed. Here is one caught in a fence.

INTERSTATE 40 is the main route from Los Angeles. It runs along a very busy train track. All day we watched trains carrying goods from China eastward.

TONIGHT, downtown Flagstaff. Really, a nicer little downtown than Santa Fe. Santa Fe is so overpriced (one window had a necklace priced at $25,000, marked 30% off) and foofy that you feel out of place. Santa Fe has lots of unhappy rich people doing their rich thing. Downtown Flagstaff is more college students, hippies and skiers. A couple of funky old hotels from about 100 years ago. We ate at a Thai restaurant. Not as good as the Thai Orchid in Fargo, but not bad.