Left Flagstaff this morning. Decided that, although Lance has never seen the Grand Canyon, the forecast there was for a high of 40 degrees, while the high temperature in Tucson was to reach 74 degrees. End of discussion.

Headed south to Sedona through the Oak Creek Canyon. Some nice scenery, but the road was surprisingly clogged. Thought we could have breakfast in Sedona, but found every cafe to be jammed with snoots. We ended up eating at a casino down the road.

A light haze over the Sedona area was enough to screw up picture taking. I was most taken by the Navajo pottery on display at one of the scenic overlooks. I ended up buying a couple of pieces, and then felt justified in taking some pictures as well.

The juniper berries looked pretty in the morning sun. These hung from a drooping type juniper which was labeled a cypress. These are the berries used to make gin. They are very aromatic.

One picture of the rocks of Sedona. It is very difficult to capture the red rocks of Sedona anywhere near as well as the thousands of professional photographers who prowl the area do. I get Arizona Highways magazine, and their photography is not to be equalled.

Finally, we hightailed it towards Tucson. I feel at home when this sort of scenery appears--the flat lands, as flat as the Red River Valley, but with what are called the "sky islands," groupings of mountains, in the background. Even at mid-day, the mountains show various shades of purple depending upon how distant they are.