The Tucson effect

Each year when December rolls around, I debate: Is it worth it to go to Arizona? Should I just stay home and tend the stove?

Most years, I cave in and go to Tucson, but with mixed feelings. Perhaps this year the charm will wear off. Perhaps this year I will get there and realize that I really no longer enjoy it.

And, every single year, when I arrive and get out and smell the smells and hear the birds and feel the sun, I say to myself, what was I thinking? One day in the sunshine of Tucson is worth three or four days anywhere else. There is so much stimulation, from the sounds to the culture to the sunshine and warmth. It is simply a different quality of life. Even being stuck in traffic in Tucson is salubrious. Windows down. Sun shining in. Cool breeze. T-shirt and shorts. Just like a perfect September day in Minnesota.

Yesterday, for five dollars per head, Lance and I ate at the Ghandi Indian restaurant, rated as one of the best restaurants in Tucson. Noon lunch is a buffet. It was excellent. Indian food is some of the most healthy food possible. Beans, rice, veggies, herbs, spices--it makes you feel good.

Today, we are going down to the Tucson historic district to check out the Tucson Museum of Art.