Gate's Pass

Tucson is surrounded by four mountain ranges. On the west are the purplish-brown Tucson mountains. If you go west on Tucson's main drag, Speedway Avenue, you end up at the top of the range at Gate's Pass. From there, I got out and took some pictures looking northwest. I love the velvety desert vegetation which gives the mountains the look of being draped in an old velour towel.

Here is a closer look for those of you with faster connections. The distances involved are difficult to guage from pictures. The most distant mountains are probably forty miles away, while the closer ones are about fifteen.

From Gate's Pass, you can look back towards the city of Tucson. Notice how clear the skies were today. No wonder star viewing is so good tonight.

"Lay me down under the old mesquite tree..."

If there isn't an old song with those words, there should be.