Home again, home again

Although I wasn't looking forward to getting back into cold weather, it really hasn't been that bad. In fact, I have seldom enjoyed getting home from Arizona as much as I have this year. The house has something to do with it. My old house was cold; this one, once it warms up, will be warm and spacious.

Made the first pass through the mail, throwing the obvious junk in the garbage. I dread confronting the mail after being gone for a few weeks--it feels as if there is accumulated stress in that pile.

Often there is, although never as much as I imagine. Today there were several late Christmas cards--I got more after Christmas than I got before--and a couple of nice letters. There was an anonymous letter postmarked Grand Forks which included a gospel tract and the words to the song "One Day at a Time." The bills had already been sorted out by bookkeeper Cindy, so I didn't face them--until she put the list on my desk of the money she'll need by next week to keep the nursery functioning.

Stopped by the Fertile Hilton to see Aunt Olla on the way home. She was busy working on sending back all the health magazines she gets in the mail with a "RETURN TO SENDER--has moved to nursing home" mark on it so that they quit sending her junk mail. It is going to take her several days to do that, but she figures its better than having to fill her wastebasket with junk mail every day.

Her brain is fuzzy, she claimed. She says its a remnant of a concussion she suffered about 10 years ago in a fall. She didn't seem too fuzzy to me, just a little worn out.

She lost her hearing aid again. When it started beeping in the middle of the night, two of the young nurses came in with little flashlights to find it--it was driving them nuts. Of course, Olla couldn't hear a thing. But she did open her eyes and catch the two girls probing around like burglars in her drawers, and the sight made her get the giggles for the rest of the night.

Olla has started to hoard vitamins in her drawers amongst her things. The nurses distribute them to her every day--per procedure--but Olla doesn't always feel like swallowing them, so she hides them. This is, apparently, illegal. So, the head nurse had a confab with Olla and explained the situation and all the trouble they would get in if the inspector found out that Olla was hoarding medicines. This is just like what happened with Grandpa fifteen years ago. Deja vu all over again for me.

Well, unlike Grandpa, Olla was understanding. She said I suppose it is dangerous to have all those medicines out there for the senile to discover and gobble on, and who knows when she might start losing it herself and take a bunch of alfalfa or kelp or something and end up in the hospital. So, that was fine. She'll just turn down the vitamins when the nurses come around with them rather than hoarding them.

Otherwise, Olla said she is still having a blast at the home. She is more tired than she was after she went in, but in fact she is keeping quite busy. "It is just one thing after another," is her stock phrase and has been for as long as I have known her. The other stock phrase: "So, it all worked out for the best."