Brother Joe is leaving for a couple of weeks, so he brought all of his recording equipment and set up a studio here in my house. Before he left, he gave me a tutorial in recording. We'll see if I remember enough to be able to record some songs.

What I have done so far sounds hideous. It's like hearing your voice on tape. In fact, it is hearing your voice on tape. So no wonder it sounds hideous.

But you can record over as many times as you wish and harmonize with yourself. I have a few hymns I would like to put together in parts.

And, I would like to try to record some piano pieces as well. A good winter project.

With Joe's computer came his dazzling monitor. Photos take on an entirely new and vivid look when they appear on this latest state-of-the art screen from Dell. Wow. So, I just finished transferring photos down to that computer and watching them on a slide show. I would like to mount the screen on the wall and just have it on a permanent slide show. Haven't figured out how to accomplish that yet.

SPENT THE BULK of the day in Bemidji at a board meeting of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. Learned a lot, as usual. The organization is so large that it has taken be about a year to get a feel for what they do. Today we got one report from a psychologist and another from a lawyer. The meeting took five hours. I came home and went to sleep. Exhausted.