Finally, after swearing for months before, during and after two moves that I was going to sort through all my things and fill a dumpster with junk, I did just that today. What a relief. However, the garbage man doesn't come until next Wednesday, so there is still a chance that some of that stuff will pop out of the dumpster and find its way back into my garage.

I went through all of my old clothes. Five boxes worth. I put anything I didn't ever think I would wear again into three boxes and marked them "give away." I then threw them in the dumpster. I mean, if the clothes aren't good enough to meet my very low standards, why burden somebody else with them?

I hear horror stories about how the thrift shops are inundated with clothes. I don't really know how to get clothes to people who need them. It is a waste, but having those clothes completely out of my life right now just seemed like the right decision.

While I was in Arizona, some mice were in the garage. I know how they got in--through the tube that brings in the pipes from the outdoor stove--so I will fix that. But in the meantime, they got in the birdseed and decided to haul it all over the garage and hoard it in various places. Most humorously, they filled the tubes on the three rolls of paper towels I had sitting on the shelf with sunflower seeds.

The industriousness of field mice never ceases to amaze me. In my last house, I came home from two months in Arizona to find two of my shoes filled with soybeans, origin unknown. I hope they are able to carry more than one per trip.

I also went through every box that I had put in storage and reduced it, distributed what I wanted to keep, and threw the rest. One pickup load there. Soon the garage may hold two vehicles.

So, a fun day. The hours flew by. One wonders why I didn't do it sooner.