January Color

As a kid, I remember squinting at the Christmas tree so it blurred and looked even more ethereal. This evening over at Mom and Dad's, I was sitting on the couch aiming the telephoto out onto their deck where there still are three potted spruce trees lit with Christmas lights. The telephoto did the squinting for me.

By the way, don't try the potted spruce thing at home, especially indoors. Bringing a potted spruce inside for Christmas season will kill it. Even these potted spruce on the deck aren't the best bet to survive until spring. Surviving winter in a pot is a different proposition than surviving winter in the ground.

Above, I changed the zoom. Also some interesting colors. Below, the colors were gentler. It is fun to get the camera to produce cubist looking stuff, frozen little images of what I enjoyed as a kid while squinting and deliberately blurring my eyes.

We get our color where we can find it in January, that's for sure.