Ah, the day to take the shoebox into the accountant. Actually, it was a folder of stuff assembled by my mother and bookkeeper Cindy which, ritual dictates, I look at a few hours before going to the accountant and see if I understand. I nod and say I get it, but if there were a test, I'd flunk.

So I go into the accountant's office and then he starts peppering me with questions about which I know little or nothing. "I'll get back to you on that," is my standard reply.

Next year, I am bringing along the people in the know and withdraw from one more business detail.

No wonder I had a dream two nights ago that I was taking a test and I couldn't answer a single question. It was administered by the local nursing home administrator who, in real life, is way too nice a guy to hand out difficult tests.

Then last night, as this afternoon's tax meeting drew nigh, I dreamt that I had cystic fibrosis. My lung x-rays were white, my time was limited and breathing was difficult. It was awful.

Another business detail: A new greenhouse stove came today. Damaged. Badly. Who did it, the trucking firm? The manufacturer? The distributor? By the time I arrived at the nursery, Dad had already been on the phone raising cane. He thinks he had it figured out, but none of the parties involved are eager to accept responsibilty.

Dad is good and stubborn about these things. He told me, we just can't accept that stove in any way shape or form. He knows darn well that if I am around when the interested parties call, I will fudge and give in and apologize for things I shouldn't apologize for. So, the best solution was for me to spend the next couple of hours in at the accountant so I was not near the phone. That way they call they will get Dad and they will get an earful.

I sometimes feel guilty delegating misery.

Dad also takes on the task of dealing with mechanics. My attitude is, fix the stupid thing and send the bill and don't bother me with the details. Dad revels in the details and makes sure they get it right.

So, I sat in at the accountant and said, well what do you think? Well, let's do that then.

I had very few original thoughts today.