Out of wood

With the thermometer slated to drop dramatically for the next few days, I thought I had better get some wood sawn. The pile I put up last fall has run out.

A couple of days ago, I decided to saw up some big ash logs which have been laying around for a few years. Easy pickins, I thought. Well, they dulled the saw in a hurry. And the resulting firewood has been behaving funny. It burns, but it doesn't form coals. It just disappears. So, when I come in the morning to load more wood, there's nothing to start the fire.

The wood wasn't rotten, so I don't know what the problem was.

There's also the eight foot logs left from the clearing of woods for the house. They sit there in a pile so neat, just begging to be sawn up. But...every time a sink the chain saw into those logs, no matter how clean they look, the chain gets dull right away. I suspect the mud we gathered when we rolled the logs around after sawing down the trees just washed down into the grooves of the bark with the rains. It doesn't take much dirt to screw up a blade.

So today I decided to test the thickness of th ice and go saw some standing dead ash in the swamp, stuff I know burns like coal. The new Cat loader with tracks plows right through the three-foot deep snow. No problem there. I did manage to get the chain pinched while felling the first tree. Pulled it out, but the chain came off, so had to return to the shop after making only one cut.

The other problem is clothing. It is warm enough today for a light jacket and work gloves. But as I waded in the snow, my boots filled up with snow which started to melt. By the time I finished sawing up about four trees, my boots were squishy and my jeans were soaked up to thigh level.

So, had to come in and thaw out.

THIS AFTERNOON, I go into the nursing home to play and sing for their monthly birthday party. Aunt Olla will be there. Last time I was in the dining room at the home, I was shouting at somebody who is hard of hearing. A lady at the next table piped up, "You talk to damn loud. I like it better when you sing!"

So, today I'll sing.