This old barn is less than two miles from the nursery on an abandoned farmstead. It probably hasn't been used for thirty or forty years, but it is still in remarkably good shape--no sway to the roof or anything. I like when they have the brick base.

I counted about seven unused old barns on the way to town. It is nice that they are still standing.

A barn, an outbuilding and some bins are on a farmstead which is no longer a farm. The house is occupied, however.

I am running out of patience with this winter weather as far as taking pictures is concerned. I have lost interest in trying to find something interesting in the bleakness. Maybe old buildings will be the answer.

PLAYED AND SANG AT the Fertile Hilton today. I mixed ragtime with some country and a few old hymns. I think the old hymns do the people the most good. They sing along, almost everybody, including people who wouldn't strike one as devout. The hymns must be remnants of childhood.

They crowned the Valentine's Day King and Queen. The King is 101 years old and was fast asleep by the time of the actual coronation. Later, the staff of the Hilton let him sleep while everybody else retired to the lunchroom for coffee. So, when I came back to get my music, there was this lone 102-year-old man slouched over in a wheelchair with a gaudy red felt crown plopped kitty-wompus on his head. It was quite a picture, but it would have felt exploitative to take it.

For queen, they started to read out the person's pedigree and it sounded like Aunt Olla. Whoa, I said, they couldn't do that--she'll throw the crown on the ground. Valentine Queen. Who ever heard of anything so ridiculous? From a large family. Attended school at Moorhead State. Taught country school. I dreaded the crowning.

Instead, it was my wonderful fifth grade teacher Dolie who got the honor. She accepted the crown with good humor.

Aunt Olla is still shot from the weekend. We not only had the party here at the house on Saturday night, but we enjoyed an Aunt Ede meal on Sunday night. Ede could open a restaurant. The highlight of this particular meal for me was a new fruit soup recipe which included curry as a spice. Whoa, was it over-the-top good.