Hymn sing

Weblog reader Chuck and his wife Barb hosted a hymn sing last night at their home. A good time with an interesting mix of people. After about an hour or more of singing, out came the snacks. Chuck and Barb are grand hosts.

A couple of the singers know the hymns so well, even even the numbers I consider obscure, that they didn't look at the book. So, these hymns are deep in people's memories.

In addition, there are some very good sight readers around. I think it is the Lutheran choral tradition. I can't follow the tenor line for anything, but there were some good tenors there who held it very well, so I just followed them until my voice got tired and I had to go back to bass or melody.

After the hymn sing, I went into the Legion, as you would expect to do after a hymn sing. There was a small party there for a friend who is headed off to Afghanistan. He's in the National Guard. Forty-one years old, two kids in elementary school. He will be gone eighteen months training Afghan security units. Afghanistan is much safer than Iraq, thank goodness.

Woke up this morning with a little sinus headache, I suspect from the smoky environs at the Legion. So, I used my Neti Pot, and I'll be darned if all traces of the incipient sinus headache didn't immediately disappear.