Touchy feely Twins

An annoying pattern has emerged in the coverage of the Twins by the Twin Cities media in the past year: They sound like a mother who just wants their kids to get along.

This article is a prime example. And it is an example of why I prefer Torii Hunter when he's out in centerfield doing his thing so you can't hear him talk.

Hunter has decided he is going to be the "chief counselor" in the clubhouse. Gardenhire has yet to decide how he is going "interact" with the newer players. Morneau and Hunter have patched up their differences and apologized to each other. Lohse and Gardenhire are now best friends and golfed together. Oh what a relief. Love all around.

All this psychobabble which comes under the guise of "team chemistry" is just crap. I keep thinking of the old Oakland A's who brawled with each other on their way to three consecutive World Series victories in 1972, 1973 and 1974. Or the Yankees of 1978. Fist-fighting in the dugout. Billy Martin, drunk, finally fired. And, a World Series win.

Now that's baseball. None of this touchy-feely bunk. Just a bunch of crusty ballplayers chewing tobacco and winning. And a bunch of cranky old managers who were more like platoon leaders in World War II than the therapy group facilitators we get for managers today. Interact? No, they led.