Random observations

SAW a new one yesterday in Fargo: I was following a car which had the window open. A cigarette ash flew out. The car turned left ahead of me, and I saw that the driver was not only smoking a cigarette, but talking on a cell phone. I have yet to figure out how that is done.

ON THE PSYCHOBABBLE theme: At the Cenex in Hillsboro yesterday, I was waiting to be helped--which meant waiting for the conclusion a deep conversation between two seventeen-year-old clerks, the one of whom, a boy, was saying something like, "When I work on developing a relationship..."

Hey kid, you're seventeen. Fall in love, get burnt, get up, dust yourself off, do it again. That's what being seventeen is all about. Skip this "developing a relationship" crap.

IN THE STAR TRIBUNE this morning is an article about new Twins designated hitter Rondell White. There is nothing at all about whether he can hit. The entire article is about what a nice guy he is and how he gets along with everybody. Priorities, priorities.

PASSAGE TO INDIA: Last night, I was thrilled as I drove past the former site of the Taste of India in Fargo to see a new Indian restaurant opened in its place. I did a U-turn and went inside.

Had a nice talk with the lady who waits the tables. I asked her if she had just moved here. She said yes. From where? I asked. "California," she said, with a look which spoke volumes about her opinion of Fargo weather.

The new owners emphasize south India cuisine, which I think is rare. I have been to a couple of dozen Indian restaurants and I have never tasted this particular type of sauces. The coconut chutney was particularly good.

I just had the lady pick out something from the menu representative of their cooking. She eventually brought a two-foot wide crepe, folded in half with potatoes in the middle. On the side was the chutney and a lentil soup. I asked her what to do with the big crepe, and she said you break off chunks, pick up some potatoes with the crepe and dip it in both the chutney and the soup before eating. Typical Indian approach. Mix it all together.

Whoa, it was good.

Even so, I would recommend going to the noon buffet so you can sample a wide variety of the foods in small servings to avoid having a plate-full of something too challenging to the Norske palate.

Passage to India is on 45th Street, near the Wal-mart in south Fargo, in a strip mall north of Conlin's furniture. I am going to promote them hard because I want them to stay here!