Passage to India

Yesterday, after my stomach apparently quit its week-long sour binge, I decided to test matters out right away by going to the Passage to India buffet in Fargo before my speaking engagement at the Hjemkomst Center.

Oh my. Their buffet is to die for. It is superior to any I have seen around here. It is a different cuisine than most Indian restaurants. Not only do you get to sample the buffet, with all its dishes and sauces, but they just keep bringing other stuff to your table as well. Warning: They do not hold back on the spices, so take small amounts of each dish just in case you can't handle it.

They had more desserts than I have seen at any Indian buffet. I tried the Vermicelli, a custardy dish made from noodles. It was delicious.

Passage to India is in a strip mall on 45th St. South in Fargo, near Wal-mart, just north of Conlin's furniture. They were busy yesterday afternoon, but I asked the lady and she said they have been very busy since they opened. That is good news. The last restaurant was good, but not nearly this good. And they really didn't have much flair for decor, etc. These people do. It is good to see them thriving. Perhaps good business will compensate for our weather.

AFTER the good meal, which upset my stomach not in the least, I went to speak to about 100 gardeners at the Hjemkomst Center. It was a fun crowd with good questions. I showed a few slides and then answered questions for well over an hour. I was scheduled for an-hour-and-a half, but good grief, who would want a speech that long, especially after these people had been sitting through talks since nine in the morning!