Faaberg interior

Lance and I went over to Rindal just as church was getting out in hopes that we could take some photos inside. I love the old country churches, and I think Faaberg is one of the prettiest around.

The stained glass behind the altar was glowing in today's sunshine.

The 100-year-old pipe organ is a thing of beauty, and it has a nice sound as well.

The warm light through the stained glass windows shines on the end-post of the altar. The crushed velvet looks rich and warm.

Looking up towards the balcony, one sees a level of detail and curvature which would never appear in modern construction.

The smell of fresh paint was wafting up from the basement. I was glad to hear that the congregation is still keeping the place up. In fact, last year, they finished a remodel of the kitchen.

However, church member Jim said "I suppose it is a matter of time," meaning that Faaberg, like most country churches, was likely to close.

Then he thought again. "You know, we had three babies crying at today's service." Sounded pretty good, Jim admitted. "Maybe things will turn around."