Denbigh School

I don't think I have seen a building so perfectly lonely as this 1907 school in the dying little town of Denbigh, North Dakota, just east of Minot. It looked from this distance like somebody has been caring for the interior. The school looks in great condition. Hope it stays that way.

I am in the Holiday Inn in Minot. It is a behemoth, but a little worn around the edges. Downstairs, there are 500 farmers and ranchers from the 17 counties of northwest North Dakota having their annual credit union meeting. After they are done with their meeting and a meal, I will entertain.

I was going to take a nap, but having seen the situation and the audience, I got a little wound up. No nap. Just finished ironing my shirt and rubbing the dried spaghetti sauce from the last dress-up occasion off my dress pants. I should be ready to go.