Notable rest area

On the long lonely stretches of US Highway 2 across North Dakota, this clever rest area appeared right near Devils Lake. It took me a while to realize that it had a steamboat theme. Notice the vent doubling as the paddle wheel as well as the smoke stack.

Around behind was a deck decked out to look like a ship's deck. On the back of the ship were these exhaust vents. When somebody inside pushed one of the hand dryer fans, steam came out one of the vents. Very clever!

One the floor inside was a map of the Devils Lake region. Out the front, I just noticed as I was posting this picture that the garbage cans look like the posts on the dock that one would wrap big rope around when one docked. There is a name for such a post, I am sure, but I am not nautical enough to know it.

This is probably one of the nicer entrances to a rest area restroom I have seen. I don't know what that red thing up against the ceiling is for, but it fits in. The paddlewheel makes another appearance as well.

What a whimsical little break in the trip.