Million-dollar toilet

Weblog reader Tara, who grew up 3 miles from the rest area highlighted below, sent on "the rest of the story" this morning. The rest area is indeed modeled after a steamboat. The story is quite interesting. So is the story of the rest area, according to Tara:
The rest area cost one million dollars to build. It was quite the uproar in the community as who would ever spend that much on a bathroom. They now call it the million dollar toilet.

Another interesting side note is there was an unsolved murder at that rest area in the 1980's. Someone passing through was murdered and thrown into the pond next to the rest area. It is unsolved to this day.

In addition, weblog reader Phil, who recently moved from this area to San Diego, identified the post which ships are tied to as a "bollard." He related the following:
Once, in Bermuda, we were having coffee at a wharfside restaurant when a very strong wind blew a cruise ship away from the dock, taking out one of the bollards in the process. Interesting for us; frightening for some of the passengers who, seeing the moving ship, thought they had (literally) missed the boat.