Swan dance

The swans did a little dance for me tonight. I think I saw part of the ballet Swan Lake one time, and I remember the dancers moving in perfect tandem. I didn't realize that is what swans do so much of the time.

Each move seems to be immediately echoed by the other.

Perhaps they are each hearing the same noise, thus their heads turn in the same direction. But after watching for a while, it seems more as if they are doing a slow, stately dance.

When one curls up to preen a bit, so does the other.

When one found an underwater stump to stand up on, so did the other.

And then they left to a faraway part of the pond.

But two of the poses were something special, requiring a larger format: Here they are close enough so you can see the red mark on the base of their beak. And here, one decides to show off a bit.