A sprung spring

Haven't recalled such an early spring in a long time. Today felt summer-like. We have gone the entire month of May without more than two or three days like today, much less having a week full of such days in the month of April.

There are obvious benefits to an early spring for those in the nursery business. People not only able to plant trees and shrubs, but they are enthusiastic. People are eager to do yardwork. The likelihood that they will come back a time or two extra, or perhaps take on an extra project, is higher.

After the busy day, Leonidas, Lance, Mom, Dad and I went to Winger for a good Easter meal. Brother Joe is on a gluten-free diet which means he can't eat anything restaurants sell, so he stayed home, unfortunately. I am reminded of how I felt when there was a holiday meal when I had my jaw wired. I felt left out and insulted.

Now, we are watching the Twins and Yanks do battle. Santana was pretty good tonight--for Early Season Santana (ESS)--but reliever Jesse Crain gave up the lead Santana inherited when he came in during the seventh. After Crain blew it, Gardenhire brought in the phenom Liriano--who is now making the Yanks look like fools. Oh, is he going to be fun to watch.

LATER: The Twins pulled out a dramatic win over the Yanks tonight in front of 42,000 fans at the Metrodome. Big night for the Twins, coming back after losing the lead nurtured by Santana.

Leo is learning baseball very quickly. He asked tonight why Castillo always squares around to bunt. That took some explaining. There were two intentional walks tonight, so I had to figure out how to explain that.

The Twins have turned it around in a hurry. It is always good to beat the Yanks. The Twins are showing hitting ability they lacked last year. The pitchers are going to come around. Things are looking up right now.