Leo and I were discussing culture last night. One big difference he sees between Brazilian culture and northern Minnesota culture is the level of affection displayed. In Brazil, you hug and kiss when you meet others. Leo kisses his mother and father on both cheeks when they greet. Here, of course, that is not done. You're lucky to get a light hug.

At a speech this week, I hugged weblog reader Helen. She wrote me later and said it was nice to get a hug from young man--doesn't happen much when you're 87-years-old, she said. I thought at the time--well, that's an easy enough way to make people happy!

So, I was discussing this with the women at the nursery this morning before work and before Leo arrived. They unanimously agreed that Leo should feel free to hug them. Leo then walked in and hugged Mom, whereupon the women said, "Where's our hug?" and Leo went around the table and distributed hugs to all.

GOSH, things are so busy I don't have the time nor the energy to write a lot. Today I spoke at a women's gathering in McIntosh. It went fine.

On the way home, I spotted a bald eagle perched high above the road in a cottonwood. I stopped, got out, clicked the camera, but it didn't take the picture because it has to wake up first. By the time the camera awakened, the eagle had taken flight. Frustrating, although it was beautiful to watch the bird play with the wind.

TALKED WITH NEIGHBOR and fellow Twins fan Duane yesterday. We agreed that Radke has to go. He has two pitches, both of which get clobbered frequently. After tonight's debacle against the Angels, I think Lohse has to go, too. Put Liriano in the rotation. Send Radke to a nursing home. Anywhere.

Throw in Hunter, too. He's intolerable. He once again opened his big mouth, this time to bad-mouth the Twins new hitting coach. "He has nothing to teach me," Hunter said, saying he prefers to work on his hitting with Hall of Famers Tony Oliva and Paul Molitor.

Okay, that may be true, but why would you mention it to the press? Wouldn't you have the class to keep your mouth shut rather than bad-mouth a guy who's doing the best he can? Hunter fancies himself to be in the class of Oliva and Molitor. He's not. Not even close.