Audubon Society

Last night, I spoke to the annual meeting of the Itasca area Audubon Society. I talked about birds. Lance and Leo came along and we were treated to a wonderful meal served by the staff at the South American part of the Concordia Language Village near Bemidji.

First course: A knock-em-dead pumpkin soup. Wow. Then, drunken chicken with veggies. Then a cactus salad, which was quite vivid and good. Finally a cashew cake. When he took the first bite of the cake, Leo proclaimed, "This is like Mom makes!" That is the first time he's said that since he arrived from Brazil, I can assure you.

In Brazil, they call the cake "bolo." Bolo also means to "stand somebody up." If you have a date who doesn't show, you have gotten a bolo.

The above picture was taken by Lance while I was speaking and highlights the nice room at the Village. The South American part featured a Spanish style square with a fountain in the center, just like you would find in any Mexican village or city.

The Language Village is situated in some of the most beautiful woods in Minnesota. Lakes. Birch. Pine. Spruce. And perfect quiet. Leo was also interested to see the soccer fields on the complex, the first he has seen since he arrived.