Barn with cows

A rare sight these days!

I love old trucks. This one is in Holt, MN, north of Thief River Falls.

Spent yesterday on the road. Spoke to a hospital volunteer lunch in Roseau, which was quite fun. Over one-hundred people. Then last evening I spoke to volunteers at a Lutheran Church in Crookston. Today at noon, another group of volunteers in Crookston. Must be the season to honor volunteers.

One benefit to all this speaking is the food. The Roseau bunch even packed up the left-over egg bake and sent it home with me, along with about a dozen muffins and some fresh fruit. Nice.

Roseau is a long drive from Fertile. I spent the time getting a speech ready for tonight at the Northwest Minnesota Foundation 20th Anniversary Celebration in Crookston. I am supposed to give the closing remarks, which are to be no longer than ten minutes. If I say everything I have thought of, it will be too long. So, I'll have to do some narrowing down, which I will attempt to accomplish during a long boring meeting I have this afternoon.

Thank goodness I was busy speaking so I didn't have to listen to the Twins lose to the Royals. Excruciating.