"I'm the one who called"

That is my all time favorite greeting from customers who walk through the door. The phone's ringing off the hook, yet they remain convinced that they are the only one who has called all day. Today I heard it for the first time this season and oh, how I had to resist the smart-aleck urge.

The other one is, "are you busy?" as I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Or, the old phone call routine where they wind up the call by debating with themselves when they will be coming out to the nursery. It could be this afternoon, unless Wilfred is in the field--then it might be tomorrow--wait, I have a doctor's appointment. I don't care when you come! I want to say, but that wouldn't be diplomatic.

But, business is fun. I am done speaking for quite a while, and it is a relief to stay home and tend to business. I love selling things. We had a busy, busy morning selling trees and that warms my heart like nothing else.