Sytendde Mai

The big Sytennde Mai (Norwegian Independence Day) celebration went off without a hitch yesterday. Here are Arne and Orville Gunderson accompanied by Sybil Hoffman. Boy did they make some good music! They played mostly old Norwegian tunes until the end when they did some other popular selections like "The Wabash Cannonball" and "Red Wing."

I read a history of Syttende Mai provided by neighbor Paul Ofstedal. I also held the mike while 91-year-old Melfred Roragen sang the Norwegian national anthem and some other tunes.

Aunt Olla was thrilled. Until Sybil dedicated the Beer Barrel Polka to her in honor of yesterday's incident at the Pizza Hut. Then you could tell Olla was petrified that I would relate the entire story, so I demurred. Don't want to push things too far, you know.

THE TWINS are finally revamping their starting rotation. Lohse is gone, replaced by a player with a great baseball name, if nothing else: Boof Bonser. Silva has been sent to the bullpen, and now, tomorrow night, we get to watch Francisco Liriano start a game. That should be fun. If he gets a foothold in the rotation, he'll be there for good and we'll all have a lot of fun watching him rack up strikeouts.

A galling game last night. A stellar performance by Santana was wasted due to lack of runs. Sad.

The Twins' problems run pretty deep, I am afraid. I just wish they'd bring back Tom Kelly. He'd get them to make sense on the bases and and while playing the field. Last night, the Twins had two runners picked off base. There is simply no excuse for that.

Also, the triple play the White Sox pulled on the Twins the other night was a product of a bad managerial decision as well as some stupid base-running. What an embarrassment.