Getting on the blog

A woman at the nursery asked me today, "How obnoxious do I have to be to get in the weblog?" Ha!

Well, she wasn't obnoxious at all...but another woman won the award. She arrived at the till when we were very busy with a box of a few items. She said, this is two orders. Okay, which are which?

I guess I was supposed to figure out that on my own. With a sigh, she separated four items in one pile and five in another. Then she said, we have 8 plants reserved. Are they ready?

I said, of course they are ready. I will check with my mother.

Mom was out back helping people and dropped everything to head way back to the set aside section and pick up the plants. I ran back to the till, which at this time, long after the crew had gone home, was lined up about four customers deep.

I got there and announced that Mom would be up with the reserved plants in a minute.

"Oh, we don't want them today," the woman said. "We are going to pick them up tomorrow. We just want these today, but we want to pay for the other ones right now and come and get them tomorrow."

Now, why you would leave a few plants here, pay for them, only to come and get them tomorrow is anybody's guess, but I ran back to the back greenhouse to tell Mom to forget it all, they were going to come tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the poor people waiting in line were shifting from leg to leg, holding their boxes, trying to be patient.

With apologies to the woman who wondered how obnoxious she had to be to get in the blog, this second woman wins the award.