The rest of the story

Aunt Olla responds to my account of the incident last week at the Pizza Hut in Moorhead where she was asked for identification while trying to buy beer:
When we were in the Flom Cafe, I told Sybil we should go to the Pizza Hut in Moorhead to have pizza. She agreed and added that she had heard beer was very good with pizza and would try it. "I'll try it, too," I said. I had never ordered any beer before in my life. I always had root beer with pizza.

Sybil changed her mind at the Pizza Hut and ordered root beer because she was driving. I ordered beer. Then the waitress asked to see my identification. I thought she was kidding and said, "why would anybody ask a 94-year-old lady for ID?" I refused to do it and then she said there's a new law that everyone no matter what age has to produce an ID.

So, I reluctantly dug in my purse and showed her my ID. By then Sybil and I were in stitches. We had quite a memorable day.

And now you know the rest of the story.

Olla also emphasized that she only drank 1/3 of the beer, and that she only drinks 1/3 of the glass of wine when she orders that.

I promised to post this defense of her actions in the weblog, although I assured Olla that this late attempt to rescue what remains of her reputation is probably futile.