Hot day

Yesterday was almost unbearable. It was in the mid-nineties outside, and the temperature in the greenhouse, according to Leo, reached 105 degrees.

Fortunately, Jennifer, owner of La La Homemade Ice Cream in Fertile, brought out her ice cream stand. I was fortunate enough to get a picture of the goods before a single scoop was taken. I have a thing for creamy vats of dairy products. I get inordinate pleasure out of opening up a fresh 1) vat of ice cream 2) vat of butter 3) Cool Whip container.

The flavors: Charlotte's Web, which is roasted coconut with chocolate, The World's Finest Vanilla, Raspberry Honey, Strawberry, Maple Nut and Chocolate--all extraordinary.

Later in the day when things calmed down, it was time to sit on the deck and shoot the breeze.

Here my father shoots the breeze with Bob, who grew up near here and pitched for the Bergeson Nursery fast-pitch softball team in the early sixties. The team didn't win many games, but it wasn't the fault of Bob, who possessed a blazing fastball.

Next to Dad and Bob is Bob's daughter, Candace (a weblog reader) and her daughter Cassie. It is good to catch up with old neighbors.