Fire sale

As the Twins continue to flounder, speculation grows that they are going to start dumping their expensive players in exchange for young minor leaguers.

The sooner the better. The Twins put more money into scouting the minor leaguers of other teams than any other organization, and when they make a trade, it might look funny at the time, but in two years they usually look like the winners.

For example, last winter the Twins traded J. C. Romero to the Angels. At the time, everybody said they gave him away in exchange for a little-known shortstop deep in the minor leagues. Well, that shortstop is now tearing up things down in the minors.

And it was two years ago that the Twins somehow managed to get Francisco Liriano, Boof Bonser and Joe Nathan from the Giants for A. J. Pierzynski. That was a steal.

So, here is what the Twins should do now:

--Release Rondell White. White is not doing the job and is 34-years old. He can try to recover his swing somewhere else. The Twins need his spot in the line-up to give their young hitters experience.

--Release Tony Batista. He is doing now what he has done best for his entire career: Making a lot of outs. He is 30-something. He will never, ever improve. Bite the bullet now.

--Trade Radke. He just doesn't have it, and he's going to retire this fall anyway. Why not let somebody who is going to be around in a few years take his turn in the rotation?

--Release or trade Kyle Lohse. He's a bad apple who might behave better somewhere else.

--Carlos Silva, although he is a likable type, is always going to be a pitcher who is one inch from disaster. This year he has been a complete disaster. Release him.

Out of the fire sale, one would hope the Twins could pick up some hidden gems.

Oh, and I forgot about Hunter. The guy isn't hitting when he needs to hit. If the Twins could get a good return, they should ship him out.