Kids and Lutheran women

Yesterday, I spoke to 40-some kids at the McIntosh Library as a part of their summer reading program. They ranged in age from a few months to eleven years old. It was a little tough figuring out what to say, so I played piano. The time went fast.

Last night, I was scheduled to entertain 450 Missouri Synod women at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks. I got their early enough to have some food and check out the sound system, which was excellent.

However, I saw on the program that I was slated to be the "Keynote Speaker." I was going to do a lot music, but there was plenty of other music on the program. So, I ditched the music except for one song, and then did a monologue on Lutheran church basements and funerals and the like.

It went well. I concentrated upon keeping my delivery very slow, which worked very well. It is the slowest I have ever spoken in public. In fact, by pausing between parts of one of the stories, I think I milked it for about one third more laughs than usual.

Then today, another summer reading program, this one in Mahnomen. The kids were of one age group, which helped a lot. They asked a lot of questions about playing piano and about music, so I just continued down that vein.

I asked them what books they like to read. One little girl said she loves sad stories and scary stories. I asked her, why in the world would anybody like sad stories?

"Because my Dad is getting out of prison in 2014," she said sweetly.

Another smart kid came up to me afterwards and said, "Are you going to play Ode to Joy when we leave?"

The kids are a tougher audience than the perfectly behaved Lutheran women, but the kids also come up with more interesting comments.